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We at Chama River Outfitters are dedicated to the idea of offering all of our clients the opportunity of taking a good, Trophy Class animal. We offer Elk Hunting in Chama New Mexico and are very careful to lease only ranches that have a good number of quality animals.  I, Bob Ball, guided my first hunter professionally, in November, 1967.  Every year is even more fun than the last for Chama Elk Hunting.  All of our guides are well seasoned outdoorsmen who enjoy what they do.

We have an outstanding reputation for providing a good, honest, fair chase hunt for Elk Hunting Chama New Mexico.  Our entire staff is proud of the fact that most of our hunters hunt with us year after year.  We look forward to Elk Hunting with you.

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Robert E. (Bob) Ball
575/756-1881 505/692-0471 (cell)
Guide and Outfitter

 Please Read as this notice has changed.

We, the undersigned, Bob and Shelia Ball, are the current and present, owners of Chama River Outfitters. At one point in 2009 we negotiated to sell that hunting/guide business to Jeff and Theresa Miner. The. Miners breached the sale agreement for Chama River Outfitters and were put on notice that the breach rescinded their purchase contract and further we filed suit against them and their companies for that breach.
As of September 21, 2012 the First Judicial District Court in Santa Fe, NM has ruled totally in favor of Bob and Shelia Ball. They remain the rightful owners of Chama River Outfitters and due to the Miners willful and wanton conduct in this matter, the court has awarded the Balls a substantial judgment against the Miners. Further result of that ruling is that Jeff and Theresa Miner have no relationship with Chama River Outfitters. They do not own nor did they ever own any part of Chama River Outfitters. If you hear of any claim that such a relationship and/or ownership does exists or ever did exist being made by anyone other than Bob or Shelia Ball, please report that to Bob or Shelia or their attorney so the court’s order can be enforced.
Further information may be obtained by calling either Myself, Bob Ball at
575/756-1881 505/692-0471 (cell).



Got a burning desire to explore the beautiful Chama Valley and see the abundant wildlife? Then you've landed at the right place - the Chama River Outfitters.


We understand that it is impossible for our clients to enjoy our hunts if we don't.  All of our hunts are conducted on well managed, private ranches and we have exclusive hunting rights on these properties.  We always limit the number of hunters on these lands, and we always enforce a set of rules and regulations to help provide a safe and enjoyable big game hunt for everyone.






What We Do For You
Our reasonable fees include great hunting country, a well qualified guide, all meals, lodging, game retrieval and transportation to a meat cutter, expert trophy preparation and all vehicles necessary during your hunt.







We have Guided Hunters from all parts of the country over the past 27 years.  We are very careful to protect our hunters privacy; however, if you are honestly interested in one of our hunts we will gladly put you in touch with some of our clients.

Guarantees and Successes
Many things directly affect the success of our big game hunt..  Equipment malfunctions, migrations patterns that can change overnight, shooting ability, hunter conditioning, personal attitude and acts of God all determine if you will take your trophy animal.  Therefore, we do not guarantee that you will go home with a big bull or buck that you have dreamed about for months before you came to hunt.  However, we feel that we have a moral and ethical responsibility to do our best to get you that chance.  More often than not we do get you that opportunity.



About Our Land
All hunting properties leased by Chama River Outfitters are privately owned.  We lease ranches in the higher elevations for archery and early season rifle hunts and properties at lower elevations for later season migration hunts.  We are careful to lease only ranches which offer the potential for quality animals.

We lease properties with elevations from 6,500 ft. to 11, 432 ft.






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2017 Hunt Dates, Booking Agreement & Price List

Contact us at:

Chama River Outfitters             Email us:
 P.O. Box 334
 Chama, New Mexico 87520
 575/756-1881 505/692-0471 (cell)

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